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Hard Qi Gong

**There will be a new course starting Saturday 13th January 2024 - register here**

This unique and intensive course (originating from Tibet) is known as 'Ying Qi Gong' or 'Steel Jacket' training. It runs over a period of 3 months (100 days) and consists of an initial series of intensive workshops in the first week followed by daily self-practice, and culminating in a 24 hour 'closing' session involving one to one acupressure treatment timed against the meridian clock.

This is a level one foundation course and is suitable for all adults (18-65) in good mental and physical health, who are able to commit the time to daily practice and adhere to strict lifestyle restrictions.

Subject to compulsory attendance of the workshops in London at the beginning and end, the course can be completed remotely with periodic consultation via Zoom.

Please note this is a specialist course with limited places and enrolment may be subject to interview. To inquire, please email

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