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Practice levels

All classes and workshops are labelled according to three designated levels of practice:

Foundation (suitable for all levels)

Level 2 (intermediate)

Level 3 (advanced)

Classes are organised across three terms of approximately 12 weeks each (January to Easter, May to Summer, September to Christmas).

Each term begins with an assessment where students have the opportunity to determine their level of practice and the classes they should attend for the forthcoming term. If any student is not able to attend the assessment at the start of term they will need Shifu’s approval to attend level 2 or 3 classes.

The teaching has been designed to enable students to develop their practice at different speeds, namely:


1. Full commitment and daily practice/attendance (gold or silver membership): you should aim to move up one level each term so that if you are beginner, by the third term you will be eligible to attend all classes.

2. Moderate commitment and daily practice, intermittent class attendance (pass system): you should aim to move up one level over the course of the year.


3. Low commitment (ad hoc attendance and practice): you should expect to remain at the same level throughout the year and move up one level in the following year.

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