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Official Chen Village school in London

In the 13th Century renowned martial artist Chen Bu settled in what is today known as Chenjiagou (Chen Village) in Henan province, China. It was from here that all of modern Tai Chi practice evolved and today the village remains the widely celebrated home of Chen style Taijiquan, known for its low stances, dynamic movements and explosive energy release or fajin. Today, the official Chenjiagou school is run by master Chen Ziqiang under the stewardship of his uncle, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

It is under their direction that Shifu Liu, a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, has opened the first official Chenjiagou school in London. Shifu Liu has also been honoured to host both Master Chen Ziqiang and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang on a number of occasions during their visits to London.

Prior to founding Taiji Circle Lucky Dragon, Shifu Liu was Director of the Taiji Circle charity in London along with Chris Jones, who is also a disciple of Grandmaster Chen. 

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