TJC’s Chen Tai Ji Summer Demo

Tai Ji Circle’s Summer demonstration of Chen Taijiquan on 15 July, led by Shifu Liu Quanjun, showed the progression of many of the Chen routines we teach as part of our syllabus, from Foundation training, hand and weapon forms, such as Fan, Sword, Stick, Double Sabres. Shifu Liu expertly finished with a section of Xinjia Er Lu, one of the most advanced Chen routines full of jumps and energy releases. Enormous thanks to our team of students and friends who came from many parts of London and gave their time and energy to support and participate with us.

Shifu Liu taking us through Foundation silk reeling training

The Chen 19 Form Routine
Chen Short Staff routine
Chen Taiji Fan Form
Shifu Liu… jumps from an extract of Xinjia Er Lu