TJC Assessments with Shifu Liu

Shifu Liu demonstrating some Chen taiji principles at the 2018 Assessments

TJC Assessments on Sunday 9 January

Before the Assessments began on Sunday, Shifu Liu demonstrated and discussed some of the specific yin and yang attributes of the Chen Style Taijiquan, fast, slow; soft, strong, the particular circular or twining movements that are characteristic. Other advice was on posture, keeping the head and body straight, maintaining your ten ‘doors’, with reference to keeping all the joints open and relaxed. Use of the feet to push the floor and lead the energy up towards the dantian, the waist and outwards through the hands to the finger tips, (the dantian is the main energy centre in Chinese medicine theory, located in the abdomen below the navel). The importance of relaxing the palms and fingers while keeping the fingers straight, relaxing the feet to enable the energy to flow to the toes, using the eyes to follow the hand… just some of the useful advise that he gave to us.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially the foundation group overcoming their nerves to take part, not easy, even for skilled practitioners.

Four foundation student members who have made the most progress, plus one sponsored prize, will be awarded our training prizes after the AGM on 15 December.