Xinjia Yi Lu (New Frame 1 Form) Classes

Starting weekly new London Classes every Tuesday in venue from 15 March 2022

Time 19:30-20:30
Venue: Islington Chinese Association, 
21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4 NG

Shifu Liu in a posture from Xinjia Yi Lu
Shifu Liu in a posture from Xinjia Yi Lu

Tai Ji Circle’s Xinjia Yi Lu (New Frame 1) Form new classes with 6th Duan Shifu Liu are a rare opportunity to study the brilliant Chen New Frame routine, developed from Laojia Yi Lu (the oldest Chen hand long form) by Chen Fake early in 20th Century, he is Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang’s famous grandfather. The routine contains skilful circular movements rooted in silk reeling theories and energetic fajin practice. 

These classes are suitable for those who have studied and are familiar with Chen Taijiquan’s Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1) or Laojia Er Lu routines. Shifu will teach it step by step and this is the best opportunity to learn the form slowly from the very beginning!

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Masks are no longer mandatory, but please respect those who wish to wear them and maintain a safe social distance.

Email any queries, thank you.