News 2012



12 November

Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang’s Push Hands Seminar

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang watches carefully as Shifu Liu and partner move through the double push hands routine, an honour and priviledged to be able to attend.

10 November

Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang’s weekend of London Seminars

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang with Shifu Liu and Tai Ji Circle students after the first morning of GM Chen’s inspiring workshop on Zhan Zhuang and Chansi Gong, silk reeling exercises, the basic foundation for learning the routines and martial applications of the Chen style.

27 October

Food and Chinese Nutirition Seminar with Shifu Liu

Shifu Liu chopped, diced and cooked an interesting array of different Chinese vegetables for us to try, to enhance winter health, from millet congee with red dates to eat for a warming breakfast, to lotus root sliced for a salad, and tasty white radish, tofu and many different things to help balance the yin yang of the body.

8 September

Meridian Qi Gong (Hard Qi Gong) Workshop with Shifu Liu

Shifu Liu’s workshop on a form of Ying (Hard) Qi Gong, using a combination of breathing techniques with movements to ‘push’ energy down towards the dantian (energy centre) for it to then circulate around the meridians, it was very powerful!

26 July

Highbury Fields, Islington Olympic Torch Relay Celebration Demonstration

Shifu Liu on stage at Highbury Fields with the Tai Ji Circle student team performing

Shifu Liu holds the UK Olympic torch with Islington Torch bearer Terry Hudson

22 July

Fairlop Waters Torch Relay and Camden New Town Festival Demonstrations

The torch has left Fairlop Waters and we pose by the lake side

Tai JI Circle’s team with Shifu Liu Quanjun finally perform at Fairlop Waters early on Sunday morning and later in the day at the Camden New Town Festival in St Paul’s Camden Square.


Tai JI Circle’s team have been working hard and putting in much practice, here in a dress rehearsal for the Olympic Torch performances at Fairlop Waters on 22 July and in Highbury Fields on 26 July.

22 July Demonstrations

1. Olympic Torch Relay at Fairlop Waters – Essex
7.30-8.00 am Fairlop Waters Park Ilford

The Tai Ji Circle team of 8 people plus Shifu Liu
While the torch is being run around the lake a Tai Chi Showcase of 60 people doing tai chi will take place beside the lake, with many different groups and styles coming together, it should amazing.

2. Camden New Town Festival, Summer Demonstration 
1.30-2.00 pm at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square

After the morning demo, this is our regular Summer demonstration


26 July, Olympic Torch relay at Highbury Fields (Thursday)

11.00am Demonstration Tai Ji Circle Team with Islington Chinese Association Tai Chi team

There will be a stage with Olympic inflatables and lots of different performances to see and sports to try out

20-21 June Chen Taijiquan Push Hands Seminar with Chen Ziqiang


It was a great honor to welcome Chen Ziqiang the son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing. Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Family Taijiquan, and is the Chief Coach of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Chenjiagou and a national champion. He gave an inspiring two-day Chen Push Hands workshop with us in London this week. Shifu Liu translated with the help of some Mandarin-speaking students, and we learnt several different methods and techniques, it was a marvellous opportunity to work with him.

> June 2012 Lam Rim Retreat with Shifu Liu

Morning meditation begins our day at the Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in South Wales, after a hot porridge breakfast, followed by work known as Karma Yoga to help in the house or gardens. Despite the weather a wonderful weekend, calm, deep internal work, delicious meals and good companionship. We would like to thank very much Margaret and Edita and especially the Venerable Geshe Damcho Yonten, and those who came to help them, to enable us to practice and eat and relax in such a beautiful space.
 April 2012 Shifu Liu’s birthday supper in China Town with students

It was a scrumptious birthday meal followed by home made cake… the best!

March 2012 SIlk Reeling workshop

Stepping exercises challenge both coordination and balance

> February 2012 Tai Ji Circle Classes begin with Shifu Liu

Old and new friends come together to share the Chen style