News 2011

11 September 

2011 Shifu Liu’s 10th Anniversary London Party



Shifu Liu celebrates 10 years in the UK, with live music from renowned Chinese musician Joanna Qiu, and the excellent saxophonist Lascelles James. Students bought fabulous home made dishes to eat, Shifu sang, we all did tai ji together, Shifu showed us a little of Xinjia Er Lu, full of jumps and fajin, we ate delicious home baked celebration cake, wonderful times, thank you all.

31 July 2011 Shifu Liu’s ‘real’ gong fu demonstration

After Sunday Foundation class at St Paul’s Church hall: using internal power, not external muscles, Shifu Liu breaks 2 concrete slabs buried in the ground with his foot and then using a staff.

17 July 2011 Tai Ji Circle demonstration and Camden New Town Festval in Camden Square.


The Summer demo last Sunday went well despite the weather and was fun thanks to all those who came to participate and support us, Shifu Liu’s brilliant dynamic Xinjia form thrilled the audience and also the Hard Qi Gong students testing their nerve as well as bodies after their hundred days special training, congratulations and thanks…

Some of the pics are on our Facebook page:

12 June 4th London Tai Chi Competition 2011, judging

Judging junior hand forms with Master Gary Wragg of Wu’s Academy (centre) Shifu Liu and Chris Jones, and right Shifu Liu awarding medals

Liu Quan Jun (Chen head judge) and Chris from the Tai Ji Circle were honoured to be invited to judge at the London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, organised and sponsored by Wu’s Tai Chi Academy in Bethnal Green and theTai Chi Union of great Britain’s Judging Seminar Programme.

 April-May Chen Tai Ji Quan workshops

During the single Sabre Chen Form, Shifu Liu demonstrates how to use movements from the single Sabre Form as defense against staff attack.

The importance of correct posture in both standing and moving practice are important themes in Shifu Liu’s workshops, above right in the Teachers seminar, showing students how to correct posture and alignment.

12 March Chen Chansi gong and applications workshop

Working with the Chen foundation practice, in this workshop Shifu Liu focused on the importance of correct posture and movement and the underlying relationship of the martial arts techniques to the silk reeling exercises.