News 2010


> 18 & 25 July Summer Street Festivals and TJC Demonstrations

Extending a big thanks to TJC demo team, friends and supporters for their help, talent and enthusiasm. Shifu created one of his unique Chen Form combinations for the Camden New Town Festival and impressed with his powerful display of internal energy, breaking concrete blocks with hand, stick and foot. Students were great giving up their time for early rehersals on Saturday mornings and participating in the hard qi gong demos too.

The Kentish Town Festival was vibrant, after our tai ji performances out in the street, children came to try out tai ji movements on the mats.


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> 12 June Nutrition, TCM and Cooking Seminiar with Shifu Liu

Over a kitchen table loaded with healthy foods, Shifu Liu chops and dices as he explains all sorts of TCM theories on food combinations, and while teaching us how to prepare and cook, conjures up vegetable dishes, tasty eggs with tomatoes, fish cooked with tofu, and the Xinjiang dish of chicken cooked with potatoes. A fun and fascinating time and the food was delicious.

> 15 May Grand Master Chu’s Qi Gong, Martial Arts and Therapy Seminiar




Grand Master Chu was invited by Shiu Liu to hold a special Qi Gong seminar for Tai Ji Circle students at St Paul’s in Camden. After introductions and information on basic TCM theory we tried several different techniques for building energy in the body. After the break GM Chu demonstrates use of many martial arts weapons, both defence and attack moves and then our students were able to try out some surprisingly simple but effective defence moves. Special calming, breathing qi gong to quieten the mind and body was follwed by individual therapy advice, while other students clarified the qi gong movements learnt earlier. Delicious food finished the day and thanks as always to those who helped make it so successful, clearing up, filming and of course to GM Chu, and Darren for coming down to London, and to Mr Young for translation.


> 13 May Grand Master Chu visits our sabre class!

Grand Master Chu down in London for our Qi Gong, Martial Arts and Qi Gong Healing workshop on 15 May (see Dairy page for booking), visits our Sabres class and afterwards gives an astonishing demonstration of disarming someone with a weapon.

Don’t miss his workshop coming up this weekend, experience Master Chu’s expertise in QI Gong and healing!

> 11 April Student Justin wins 5 medals at Oxford Championship


Congratulations to Justin for winning 5 medals, including 3 golds, at the Tai Chi Championships at Oxford on Sunday, well done!


> 27 March Chen Tai Ji Quan: Theory, Practice and Observation, 19 part Form

Discussion follows the 2nd workshop in this series, this time examining the 19 part Form created by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.


> Winter in Xinjiang Shifu Liu teaching Dan Bian and it’s -20 degrees!


Shifu Liu leads a freezing early morning class in China’s North West Province, and we complain when the hall is cold or holding a posture a long time during corrections! The Chinese tradition of getting out early morning to exercise helps to keep them fit and healthy.


> 13 March Chen Tai Ji Quan: Theory, Practice and Observation

Working with the Level 1 Chen Tai Ji Quan training syllabus, Shifu Liu explained some of basic concepts underlying the practice, here he demonstrated posture correction in the ‘standing post’ Zhan Zhaung, which teaches us how to begin to feel the flow of energy, the root of the dantian and the correct alignment, all essential to maintain during moving practice.

There are more pictures up on our Facebook page.

28 February Festival of Yuan Xiao 2010

The last day of Chinese New Year festivities is celebrated eating delicious dumplings and sharing Chinese culture. Audrey Suen showed us the intricate art of the Chinese Tea Ceremony, later two other friends demonstrated their calligraphic skills, it was such fun to try it out.


Tai Ji Circle Qi Gong workshop led by Shifu Liu raised £600 for the Haiti earthquake victims. We also sold paintings and calligraphy from China at bargain prices. Thanks everyone!

> 14 February Sunday classes begin again