New Students

New Student Information

Our classes are suitable for people of all levels and ages.

However, if anyone has any serious health issues, it is important that they check with their doctor before coming to class. Please email us first with details ([email protected]), and then notify the teacher before the class begins. All students should sign a release form, either as a Non-Member or Membership form.

Tai chi and qi gong practice are well-known and documented for bringing about improvements to many chronic health problems, and if you would like to try a class and you are recovering from surgery or have some physical or mental issues you can come along to try the Foundation class if you are able to stand.

Chen Taijiquan: Tai Ji Circle offers a full range of classes in Chen style taijiquan from beginners to advanced levels, practice for health or martial arts training. The Standing Post training taught in Foundation classes, along with Silk Reeling Exercises are considered the Qi Gong of Chen Taijiquan and can help improve energy, relaxation, coordination, strength and general health and well-being. They are a meditative practice that quietens the mind, stimulates the circulation and with regular practice increases energy. See our Feedback page for student testimonials.

New students to Chen style tai chi are recommended to start with our new Foundation Beginners Tai Chi Courses (attending two classes a week for 4 weeks), there will be three course a term, it is an introduction to important basic exercises and movements.

You are welcome to come along and try a Foundation class as a non-member and you can sign up for an 8-class or a full 15-class Pass to save money on drop-in fees for your first term.

If you have no previous experience of tai chi, it is recommended to attend at least one or two Foundation courses before moving to the next level.

There are also Foundation Saturday Workshops for new students to gain a more detailed Foundation training than is possible during class, see dates below.

New students with experience in Chen style may attend intermediate or advanced classes if Shifu Liu agrees.

Shifu Liu and a group of students practicing silk reeling
Shifu Liu teaching silk reeling

Tai Chi Beginners Chen Foundation Courses

Term One – 8 January to 29 April 2018

1st Course: 14 January to 8 Februay
2nd Course: 18 February to 15 March
3rd Course: 25 March to 26 April

Ta Chi Course Times & Venues:
Sundays: 10:00-11:00
Islington Chinese Association
21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG
Thursdays: 18:30-19:30
St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG

Our new courses require you to attend twice a week for 4 weeks. This commitment will enable you to gain a firmer understanding and make faster progress in your practice.

Chen Taijiquan: With it’s dynamic blend of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ movements, Chen is the oldest style of tai ji with a direct lineage from 9th generation ancestor Chen Wanting to current standard bearer Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang.

Instructors: Shifu Liu Quanjun teaches with a focus on correct posture and movement in the silk reeling and standing practice exercises that are the essential foundation for improvement for all levels of Chen tai ji training, from hand, weapon forms and push hands to martial techniques. Chris Jones teaches the Tuesday lunchtime community classes.

Foundation: Our accessible beginners courses will give new students a step-by step practical experience of the basic essential requirements of Chen Taijiquan and enable them to move on to the next levels more easily, other students are welcome to attend, no previous experience is necessary. Tai Ji takes time and diligence to build skill, and improves coordination, balance, strength and general health.

Posture Correction: Shifu Liu believes that posture correction in movement and standing practice is essential for individual improvement to encourage the free flow of energy and maximum benefits. Many of us stand without the correct vertical/horizontal alignment of the body and Shifu Liu or senior students may be asked to help correct this in our classes. If anyone feels strongly that they do not wish to be touched then please let us know beforehand, thank you.

Requirements: Our classes are practical rather than theoretical so wear comfortable lose clothes and flat shoes and avoid eating a large meal for an hour before class. We require new students to fill out a non-members release form when they first attend, so please come 15 minutes earlier for the first class of the course.

After your first term or earlier if you prefer and wish to train several times a week, we advise becoming a Member to gain the advantage of cheaper class passes to attend more classes per week and reduced rates on all workshops throughout the year.

Other Weekly Classes for new students

If you miss a class while on your course you can come to any Foundation/General class below. You can attend the course more than once or drop into these clases on completetion of the course to further build up your basic foundation of Chen Taijiquan.

18:30-19:30 Chen Tai Ji Foundation 2 General
Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG

18:30-19:30 Chen Tai Ji Foundation 2 General
Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG

If you have a course pass you can use that for any of these classes. Anyone wanting to improve their basic skills should attend Foundation classes regularly, preferably twice a week will be most beneficial.

See Classes menu for full timetable

See link below of Shifu Liu teaching Foundation Chen training in the park. He starts with standing practice, adjusting posture before moving onto explaining hand positions, followed by stepping and the important Silk Reeling exercises finishing with the Nine Step Form.

 Tai Chi Beginners Chen Foundation Workshop 2018

13 January         Chen Tai Ji (Tai Chi) Foundation Training

All Foundation workshops will be suitable for new students to tai chi and each will focus on a particular aspect of Foundation Chen Style training to build a thorough basis for your practice through the year. See our Events page for more details and booking.

If you wish to sign up for a Foundation workshop and Foundation Course in the same term, we will give you the workshop at the member’s price.

A group of students meditating
Da Bei Qi Gong meditation workshop

Da Bei Qi Gong is a quiet meditative relaxing practice (seated or standing) for the cultivation of energy, so it is suitable for most people to try.
Qi Gong is only available as private tuition with Shifu Liu in 2017, email us at [email protected] for more details.