Hard Qi Gong

Hard Qi Gong Foundation

Supervised by his teacher, Liu Quanjun undergoing qi or energy testing in China after completing his Hard Qi Gong Training

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Hard Qi Gong – 100 + days training programme

Hard Qi Gong (Steel Jacket training course) practice improves your internal qi (energy) and is a benefit to health and well being.

Hard Qi Gong is a serious, challenging and demanding internal and external training programme that works on both a mental and physical level. It can also benefit many chronic health conditions. It takes daily practice and strong determination to succeed.

People suitable for the practice
Hard Qi Gong can be practised here in the UK, from late August through to early July, and can be done by anyone aged 16-65 years who is relatively fit and healthy without any serious mental or physical problems. It is not suitable for anyone who has experienced past severe physical or psychological trauma or mental illness.

It is also advisable to have had some practice of qi gong or meditation, and hard training.

The body and mind are strengthened and rejuvenated, energy increases and problems such as allergies, backache, headaches and other conditions may dissapear. It is a foundation for steel jacket training, one main benefit is the strengthening of the internal parts of the body to protect against injury.

Shifu Liu will interview all potential students to check their suitability and the training process will be explained in more detail at that time.

Shifu Liu breaks bricks stacked on Chris’s head during her ‘testing’

Tai Ji Circle students after completing their Hard Qi Gong three month training course, undergo optional testing (below).

Advance booking is essential as only a few courses are run per year, email Shifu Liu for more details contact Tai Ji Circle.

Under NO circumstances try any of these tests at home as serious injury can occur without expert guidance from a martial arts master.

The heavy plank is placed across the body, with as many people as possible standing on it!