Chen taijquan and qi gong training is practiced for many reasons, see student feedback on our classes and workshops:-

“I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. The theory aspects were very helpful and useful, as were the applications. The assessments were also helpful.”

“I have really appreciated the sessions on Sunday and always feel as I’ve achieved something.”

“…the physio at the hospital said the tai chi was helping me with my balance. So don’t want to miss it if possible”

“Story in today’s Telegraph says medical research has proved that people with Parkinsons do better maintaining stability and longer strides when walking with one hour a week doing Tai Chi.”

“Thanks for providing us with an amazing experience, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!”

“I began classes in Tai Ji and Qigong at Tai Ji Circle in November 2013. I was hoping the practices would benefit the problem I have with my back which makes standing painful.   At first I could only stand for the first 10 minutes of each class. I persevered, gradually increasing the time I was able to stand. To my amazement in a Tai Ji Circle workshop less than two months’ later, I stood (and was pain-free) for two hours. Not only is my pain alleviated but the practice of Tai Ji and Qigong clears my head and leaves me feeling generally better and more alive.”

“As importantly I would like to thank you and Shifu Liu. I believe you are invaluable little gems and fully agree that we are very privileged to have the Tai Ji Circle. I did not have an easy year and know you helped me get through to it far better than if I had been on my own. I appreciated your kindness and unfailing support. I look forward to getting back to more and more practice and resuming what I feel can become a rewarding journey impacting both body and mind.”

“I’ve enjoyed the classes and am keen to practice tai chi for the physical and mental benefits.”

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative experience yesterday afternoon. The silk reeling exercises were really interesting and you were both very patient. And thanks for the tea and biscuits to keep us going. Hope to see you again in the future.”