Face to Face with Zoom test class

Thursday 23 July we tried a test class for our students, with Face to Face at St Paul’s and on Zoom, it was a class of Foundation training and the Chen Long Form, Laojia Yi Lu. We had eight people including Shifu and Chris at the hall, and we all kept safe distances and followed safety procedures. Everyone enjoyed it very much and the people on Zoom liked seeing the class too when Shifu switched the iPad around.

However the incidence of Covid-19 is now rising again in London and Shifu Liu does not wish to take any risks with our health and safety and so sadly we will not have any more FtF classes until the incidence rate decreases again. We will continue on Zoom as with our online timetable and another workshop.

Shifu Liu leads, back view is the easiest way for everyone in class and on Zoom to follow the movements of the form.
Shifu Liu chats to students on Zoom after class.