Face to Face with Zoom Classes

Face to Face Classes and Zoom

Shifu Liu turns the iPad with Zoom on the class whilst teaching our first combination class.

We tested out our first Face to Face (FtF) classes with Zoom on 23 July at St Paul’s Church Hall in Camden Square, this enabled our Zoom students to join us at the venue. The evening was successful, however Shifu Liu does not wish to have more FtF until the numbers of new Covid-19 cases start to lower again, as there has been a notable rise in London since the lockdown was eased.

Our expenses will rise when hiring venues again and we will need to charge FtF class students the regular drop-in per hourly class fee. Those paying the Online weekly and monthly subscription fees do not need to pay more to attend on Zoom.

We hope to provide more FtF Chen taiji classes with Zoom, at a future safe date. They will follow the current online timetable. We will follow all Government safety guidelines and have a risk assessment document in place.
No-one will be admitted to class if they have not notified Chris by email to book their place as numbers are restricted and social distancing rules apply.
• Please wear a face covering or mask when arriving and passing through the communal areas to the hall. It is up to you if you wear it during class.

Thursday Classes FTF and Zoom
at St Paul’s Church Hall, Camden Square, NW1 9XG
18:00-19:00 Foundation Chen as part of the Course
19:00–20:00 Loajia Yi Lu, Chen Old Frame

Drop-in class FtF fees per hour
Due to Covid-19 outbreak no cash will be accepted moving forward for FtF classes in Term Three from 6 September. All classes must be booked and paid for in advance.
Please email Chris to say which classes/day your are attending.
• TJC Members: £13, Member Concession: £9
• Non-members: £16, Non-member Concession: £10.00

Please select your option for one or two classes from the drop-down list. Payment through your credit card or Paypal below:-


Drop-in Classes Full Fee

Drop-in Class Concession Fee

Currently we are still only running the Community classes online

Drop-in Chris’s Community Class Fee at St Paul’s

We hope to have a class web booking system in place by Term Three.

Anyone who attends FtF taiji classes must read the following and contact us if there might be any danger of infection for our staff or students:
Covid Screening
• Have you or any in your household had a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days?
• Have you been in contact with any confirmed/suspected person in the last 14 days
• Have you or any in your household had any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days?
• Are you working in close social contact with people?
• Please email if you can think of any reason that there might be a risk to students or staff if you come to class
Thank you.