Da Bei Qi Gong

Shifu Liu in seated meditation at sunrise on a hill in France
Qigong meditation

Shifu Liu is running a Da Bei Qi Gong class every Sunday from 8:45-9:45 online Zoom and in Venue (ICA) each Sunday, before the regular TJC Foundation class.

Online booking and payments for the online class are made from Lucky Dragon TCM Bookwhen site, held at his clinic in traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts in north London.

Shifu Liu’s Online Zoom Qi Gong Class Fees:
• TJC Member: £8
• Non-member: £10

Venue: the Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London, N19.

Foundation Chen Taiji (chi) training is the Qi Gong and Meditation practice of Chen Taijiquan and similarly increases energy, relaxes and gives health benefits to body and mind.

Contact us if you wish to have private one-to-one classes with Shifu Liu or book directly through Lucky Dragon TCM

What is Qi
Qi is the Chinese term for life force, breath, or the energy which permeates the whole of the body and gives us life and vitality.

What is Qi Gong?
Qi Gong is a form of exercise, using different postures and breathing methods, corresponding with different mental control, it helps to gather energy:
• to stimulate the natural (hidden healing) capability embedded in the body,
• to adjust and rebalance mental and physical health, and
• to increase the body’s original vital qi.

Qi Gong can be practiced to maintain good health, improve physical fitness, and for longevity.

Hard qi gong (ying qi gong), re-blances the body through very intense training and a strict diet and lifestyle for 3 months, it helps improve stamina and internal and external strength for martial arts.

At a very high level of qi gong practice and cultivation the energy gained can be used for healing oneself and others.

Da Bei Qi Gong
Shifu Liu bought this qi gong practice to the UK from China. With its roots in Buddhism, it is a most powerful and effective form of Qi Gong training. This qi gong was compiled and developed in the early 20th century (from older qi gong sets) by famous Shaolin Monk, Hai Tank and passed on to Shifu Liu’s teacher in Xinjiang Province. Its method, with Buddhist principles at it’s heart, is linked to the Yi Jin Jing (ancient Shaolin internal  qi gong exercise) and is itself an excellent internal exercise and a well regulated system.

It is a meditative, relaxing practice for the inner cultivation of energy, awareness and compassion. It has many different forms and can be practised seated or standing, dancing or chanting. The body’s internal energy or qi is the medicine for healing, and the circulation of this energy is like ‘hot water’ running through the body like a fast wind that can also cause spontaneous movement, bringing in good new energy and expelling harmful energy out of the body.

The whole process for healing oneself or others takes time and much dedicated practice, this Buddhist-based qi gong practice has the principle of compassion at it’s heart.

Da Bei qi gong can be practiced seated on a chair or the floor or standing.