TJC rules for Covid Safety

Happy New Year 2022.

Shifu Liu and the TJC trustees felt that we should reiterate our rulings to maintain safe physical classes in our venues while there is such a prevalence of Covid Omicron all around us, this is to safe guard each other and Shifu Liu or Chris who cannot really wear a mask when teaching.

• Tai Ji Circle students attending classes in venue must book and pay for these classes in advance before joining the class. Students who join a class and fail to do this will be asked to leave. 

This is normal practice for all gym classes, yoga schools and fitness centres. If you haven’t booked you won’t be allowed to do the class. The Tai Ji Circle booking system works really well and is easy to use, it’s no more difficult than creating and using a social media account. If it’s really a struggle, ask a friend to help you. 

• All students must wear masks at all times when participating in our in-venue classes/workshops

• If you have a medical exemption to wearing a mask, please wear the badge to class so that everyone knows you have a legitimate medical reason for not wearing a mask, you will not be allowed to join the class without a badge if not wearing a mask. 

None of us want to wear masks but we want to protect ourselves and others so we should all wear masks in class and if you don’t like it you can join the online classes from home.

• If you have been in contact with anyone who develops Covid-19 a few days afterwards, please avoid coming to class for 5 days and then do not attend class without checking with a negative lateral flow test beforehand.

 To see our full risk assessment go…

Thank you and stay safe and well.